On the 1st of July, Promoplan was integrated in the Sarawak Group, who earlier on in 2019 also integrated Think and Go Benelux. Through these acquisitions Sarawak takes up an important role in the Belgian Field Marketing & Brand Activation segment.

Promoplan – now Sarawak Luxury – has been active on the Belgian market since 1989. The company is known for its promotional & merchandising activities within the Travel Retail and the Cosmetics & Luxury sector.

Think and Go Benelux – now Sarawak Brussels – has been active on the Benelux market since 1997. The sales-oriented company DNA, the competent employees and the necessary technological support make the difference in the sales results. Sarawak Brussels is active within various product segments: Consumer Electronics, DIY, Toys and FMCG.

The collaboration between Sarawak France, Promoplan and Think and Go does not come out of the blue. After collaborating for over 3 years, all parties have made the decision to unite their companies. This Franco-Benelux structure can make better use of its knowledge & resources to offer a global solution to grow further with its customers and within new channels.

Sarawak has over 180 permanent employees in Belgium, active within the various services that the company offers: Travel Retail, Brand Activation, Sales & Merchandising, Outsourcing, Headhunting and Promotional Logistics. In addition, we can count on more than 1200 employees who are sporadically active for our company.

Sarawak is the name of a specific type of pepper; which is one of the most popular spices grown on the island of Borneo.

In a very refined way, Sarawak brings the pepper, a true dynamic flavour to your dish, just like the services offered by the Sarawak Group!


It is our mission to achieve the sales and marketing goals of our customers through the deployment of strategic or tactical employees, having an immediate impact on the results.

We wish to make optimum use of the talents of our employees and to develop these to the fullest. We want to be a source of inspiration for each of them and achieve their personal & professional goals together.


Respect – Ethical – Creative – Loyal – Meticulous– Exigent– Teamwork