Would you like to open temporary (shop-)premises to sell your products physically or to enable people to get to know your latest novelties? Yes WE can!

We can open a temporary point of sale, in the town centre as well as all sorts of specific locations such as festivals, company premises or commercial centres. For online retailers, or seasonal salesmenpop-up stores are the ideal way to temporarily open a physical shop. For traditional brands they present an opportunity to show the very best of themselves.

A lot of energy and experience is needed to start up a POP-UP STORE! For example, you need to reserve a location, provide temporary utilities, decorate the shop and provide staff. Finally you need to organize fun events to draw attention.

Sarawak is the ideal partner for you to start up a POP-UP STORE. We can help you for the process as a whole or for specific parts:

    Booking of the locations & obtaining the necessary licenses;

    Activating all basic utilities;

    Elaborating a decoration plan for the store, including a cost estimate for production;

    Producing and installing all temporary shop decorations;

    Decorating the shop shelves & preparing the retail space for sale;

    Providing qualified staff: reception, salesman, trainer, rackjobber, merchandiser, …

    Analysing the ROI based on predefined KPI’s such as turnover & number of contacts.