Sarawak works with you to activate sales, boost distribution and deliver a return on your investment.

On the shop floor, we make sure that stock-outs are avoided. In addition, you can rely on our logistical support.

We will do this by providing an enthusiastic, committed and skilled field team, trained and empowered with clear objectives, actionable insights and effective technology, to achieve measurable success.

The field team are your eyes and ears in the market, ensuring that centrally made agreements are carried out on the shop floor.

Data Driven

Sarawak’s Business Intelligence Competence Centre collects the data from the various on-site audits done by the Sales & Merchandising Teams, analyses it, and gives you the insight you need to evaluate and further refine your approach.

People Driven

Our team consists of qualified and dynamic people with a passion for sales and merchandising. They have the drive to make a difference to all our customers every day! Through the Sarawak Academy, they are continuously trained and coached to go that extra mile in the field.


Sarawak is active in various markets such as retail, consumer electronics, out of home, hospitality and cosmetics. Sarawak offers a wide spectrum of services: with service with one specific team for one company, but it can also be done with a multivendor team, where one team is active for several companies on a long or short term basis.